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  • wonderful service, feeling very welcoming. The food taste amazing too

    Poooli Kung Avatar Poooli Kung

    A must try while in Florence! It was our favorite pizza after traveling around Italy for 3 weeks…and we tried LOTS of pizza. Their Pugliese gluten free pizza was... read more

    Britny Patino Avatar Britny Patino

    This family-owned restaurant deserves its 5 star score! The food is amazing and very reasonably priced, and the location is convenient. The staff members were very kind and spoke English... read more

    Wyatt Currie Avatar Wyatt Currie

    Best pizza I’ve had while studying here in Florence with great prices. The staff is amazing and so are the desserts

    Tyler Mahoney Avatar Tyler Mahoney
  • Υπέροχη πίτσα με λεπτή ζύμη. Πολύ φιλικό το προσωπικό, ζεστή ατμόσφαιρα. Ωραία κρασιά. Πολύ καλές τιμές!

    Efi Panagea Avatar Efi Panagea

    Got lost looking for this pizza. Kept on going and so happy we did. In our 2 weeks in Italy, easily the best pizza we have had and the... read more

    sandy clark Avatar sandy clark

    Such good pizza, and super friendly staff. I might just come back for dinner too. Edit: I came here for dinner. Got the pugliese earlier and the calabrese for dinner

    Devyn Smith Avatar Devyn Smith

    بصدفه لقينا المطعم وكان من الذ مطاعم البيتزا الي كليتها ف ايطاليا شي رهيب 😍 وخدمتهم جدا راعه اتمنى لهم التوفيق ويفتحون فروع اكثر > كتبت التعليق... read more

    Shahad Saad Avatar Shahad Saad
  • البيتزا جداً نظيفة و خفيفة 😍😍😍👍🏻

    shoug bash Avatar shoug bash

    Discovered this place by accident and was pleasantly surprised. The pizza was excellent and the staff is very friendly. 100% recommended!

    Ve Se Avatar Ve Se

    Hands down the best pizza, amazing service, friendly staff, great experience I loved everything! Had the pizza Diavolo and Pugliese. Highly recoomand this place!

    Evelyne Beaulieu Avatar Evelyne Beaulieu

    We ate here twice on our holiday. The pizza was so good that it became the exception to our rule that we would eat at a new place for every... read more

    Kate Stubbings Avatar Kate Stubbings
  • This restaurant was recommended by a local tour guide and it did not disappoint! We came two times for lunch during our four day stay in Florence. The pizza... read more

    Dina Cole Avatar Dina Cole

    Just arrived in florence and I was looking for somewhere to have pizza for lunch, I saw the other reviews and yes I definitely recommend this place. Pizza was perfect,... read more

    Natasha King Avatar Natasha King

    La pizza es espectacular, inclús la masa sense gluten. Un lloc molt recomanable, dels millors de Florència.

    Eva Martin Avatar Eva Martin

    Love the pizza here! Friendly staff with great service. He recommended us on what we should order!! The atmosphere in the restaurant is also really nice :)

    Jeda Phuttharak Avatar Jeda Phuttharak
  • Best pizza I’ve had. It was so fresh and flavors were incredible!!! Owner was extremely attentive and very friendly! I wish we had time to come back tomorrow before... read more

    Deborah Yamane Avatar Deborah Yamane

    Amazing pizza and dessert! The staff was very helpfull and friendly. If you visit Florence eating here is a must.

    Marc I Avatar Marc I

    This is probably the best gluten free (and vegan!) pizza I have ever eaten. No longer do us gluten-intollerants have to look on in envy as our friends eat the... read more

    Tash Jamieson Avatar Tash Jamieson

    Had a great lunch here! Gluten-Free pizza dough was delicious. Great texture, and nothing hard/brittle about it. Their tiramisu is also outstanding! (Probably the best one... read more

    Michael Madter Avatar Michael Madter
  • We had two wonderful meals at New Bridge. The staff were so wonderful each time, the food was AMAZING, and great decor. We decided was our favourite restaurant in Florence!... read more

    Matthew Gillett Avatar Matthew Gillett

    Absolutely DELICIOUS pizza. My group of 3 shared the Sicilian’s, Pugliese, and Umbra all of them blew our expectations out of the water. The thin crust was perfect and there... read more

    Lavender Huang Avatar Lavender Huang

    Lovely place with a really good service. First time I eat a pizza that is so dam good that I even close my eyes to feel the flavors. This... read more

    Enrique Padron Spångberg Avatar Enrique Padron Spångberg

    Un locale in centro con una pizza buonissima, servita da personale gentile e sorridente. Da consigliare vivamente Kid-friendliness: Arredamento informale e servizio veloce

    ilona dandrea Avatar ilona dandrea
  • Bardzo dobre jedzenie. Jedna z lepszej pizzy, jakie jadłem. Obsługa również miła.

    IrysInspiration Avatar IrysInspiration

    So good we came back twice and recommended it to our friends. Ok, it may look a little touristy because they have a great location and it’s really pretty. But... read more

    Brandon Wadley Avatar Brandon Wadley

    Staff was so friendly and welcoming - a pleasant surprise compared to the rest of the city. Food was very delicious. We got pizzas and an artichoke flan.

    Raymond Luong Avatar Raymond Luong

    Fantastic meal at New Bridge Sprizza. The owner was super accommodating with our table of 6. Delicious selection of pizzas, great value, and fun atmosphere. Definitely recommend and will come... read more

    Kimberly Schlossberg Avatar Kimberly Schlossberg
  • افضل بيتزا في فلورانس ❤️❤️ افضل مكان شكرا انزو شكرا اليكس شكرا انطونيو على تعاملكم الاكثر من رائع بيتزا تونا ❤️ بيتزا مارجريتا❤️ بيتزا بوقليسي❤️

    NEMER 99 Avatar NEMER 99

    Excellent pizza, good service

    Hilde Venvik Avatar Hilde Venvik

    Phenomenal gluten free base! Truly unlike anything I’d ever had, and melty lactose free cheese. My pizza came with flags which removed any doubt I may have had on if... read more

    Rebecca Williams Avatar Rebecca Williams

    Excelling pizza, cold beer and great service. Can't get much better than that. Would recommend for sure.

    Frank Gelling Avatar Frank Gelling
  • Very tasty pizza and very good customer’s service. I give five stars!

    Sara Kar Avatar Sara Kar

    Համեղ ուտելիք, հաճելի և ընկերական սպասարկում

    Gevorg Simonyan Avatar Gevorg Simonyan

    بيتزا ممتازة وخفيفة .. مارجريتا مع زيت الفلفل توب التوب 😍 اسألوا عن إنزو

    M S Avatar M S

    Muy buenas pizzas y buen vino. Allí encontramos a un paisano español y fue muy amable.

    Pilar dv Avatar Pilar dv
  • Recomendadísimo. Comida exquisita, servicio excelente, precios lo normal para una ciudad turística.

    Ana Barraza Avatar Ana Barraza

    I ordered the Vegetariana and it was the best pizza I have ever had. The chef was extremely welcoming and nice. It was an all around fantastic experience. Vegetarian... read more

    Amber Anderson Avatar Amber Anderson

    Excelente todo, vine 2 veces en un mismo día, nos atendieron super bien y la comida en mi caso mejor que hay queso deslactosado, las pizzas están pasadas de lanza... read more

    Ricardo Lopez Avatar Ricardo Lopez

    Tasty pizza, excelent services and good atmosphere.

    Raluca Sodolescu Avatar Raluca Sodolescu

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